Terms & Conditions

Impeccable Cleaning Services Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions outlined on this page constitute the comprehensive service agreement between Impeccable Cleaning Services as the cleaning service provider and you as the client.


Please carefully review this agreement. By utilizing our service, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions provided.


1.       The Provision of Cleaning Services


1.1.    Impeccable Cleaning Services promises to provide cleaning services to the client at the address they provide when scheduling an appointment, in compliance with the conditions of this agreement.


1.2.    The services rendered will be in accordance with the cleaning specifications that were mentioned and decided upon with the customer throughout the reservation procedure.


1.3.    At the prearranged time and day, Impeccable Cleaning Services will assign personnel in the quantity required to complete the designated service requirements.


1.4.    Impeccable Cleaning Services guarantees that expert, high-quality cleaning services will be provided in the prearranged time frame.

2.       Additional Services and Modifications to Requirements


2.1.    Prior to the appointed appointment time and date, any modifications to the service requirements must be discussed and approved with Impeccable Cleaning Services.


2.2.    The client must notify Impeccable Cleaning Services by phone if they would like to add more services or modify the previously agreed-upon service. Furthermore, Impeccable Cleaning Services is free to accept or reject any further specifications. The cleaner does not have the authority to accept further requests, so the client should not make these requests directly to the cleaners.

3.       Client Representation and Warranties. You, as the client, represent and warrant that:


3.1.    A safe working setting will be given to the cleaner or cleaners while the service is carried out.


3.2.    Any areas of the property that need to be serviced shall be fully accessible to the cleaning.


3.3.    All equipment required for the cleaner to carry out the cleaning duties, such as hot and cold-water supplies, electrical outlets, rubbish trays, and bins, shall be provided.


3.4.    During the service, the cleaner is permitted to use any supplies, machinery, and cleaning instruments that the client provides.


3.5.    The client’s tools and equipment are secure, completely operational, and uncompromised.


3.6.    Prior to the service, Impeccable Cleaning Services will be made aware of any risks, slick surfaces, potential hazards for accidents, and any solidified filth, grease, or grime in the service area.



3.7.    When handling big objects, the cleaner will get the aid that is required.


3.8.    Valuables such as cash, jewellery, works of art, antiques, sentimental things, and delicate items should be removed or noted to the cleaner before the service begins.

4.       Health and Safety Hazards. In addition to the warranties and responsibilities outlined in the above section, you acknowledge and agree to:


4.1.    The cleaner will have an opportunity to assess the safety and health risks of the job before initiating the service.


4.2.    If the cleaner determines that using any materials or cleaning equipment could endanger people’s health and safety, they have the right to deny their use.


4.3.    If the cleaner determines that the service itself poses a risk to health and safety, they have the right to refuse to finish the job.

5.       Cleaner Engagement


5.1.    You recognize that hiring, choosing, and training cleaners is an expense that Impeccable Cleaning Services has made. During or for a year following the conclusion of the cleaning appointment or service, there shall be no engagement, direct employment, or contractual relationship with any of our cleaners unless there is a written agreement between Impeccable Cleaning Services and the client.


5.2.    You acknowledge that Impeccable Cleaning Services will suffer loss and harm in the event that this provision of the terms and conditions is broken.


6.       Job Pricing and Quotes


6.1.    The accurate net payment can be computed based on:

6.1.1.The total working hours of the cleaner.

6.1.2.The distance of the location where the service is to be provided.


6.2.    Impeccable Cleaning Services bases its price quotes mostly on the customer’s information and experience. The quote is valid for 14 days from the day it was provided.

6.3.    The quoted amount covers only the items explicitly listed. Additional items will be considered as add-ons and will result in additional charges.

6.4.    Impeccable Cleaning Services shall notify the client right away if it is found that the real cost of the service will exceed the advertised amount after it has started, and both parties will need to agree on an extra fee to finish the service.


6.5.    During the quotation process, the client should let Impeccable Cleaning Services know if any cleaning services are intended for “End of Lease.”

6.6.    Callout Fee for Remote Locations:
6.6.1. Jobs situated beyond a 35-kilometer radius from Perth CBD will incur a callout fee.

6.7.    10% deposit may be required. This deposit is refundable if the booking is cancelled with more than 7 days’ notice.


7.       Booking Appointments


7.1 Clients can make bookings through phone calls, emails, texts, the Impeccable Cleaning Services website, or walk-ins.


7.2 Impeccable Cleaning Services will provide quotations during booking, with quotes subject to a site checkup as outlined in the clauses above.


7.3 Clients should agree to provide valid credit card information during the booking.


7.4 Impeccable Cleaning Services has the discretion to decline a booking for valid reasons.


8.       Payment Terms:

8.1.    All invoices must be paid on or before due date.

8.2.    Late payments may be subject to interest charges at a rate of 10% per annum.

8.3.    Payments can be made via bank transfer, credit card and cash.

8.4.    Bank details for direct deposits:
Account Name: Impeccable Cleaning Services
BSB : 086-006
ACC NO :  71-155-7163

8.5.    Payments through credit cards are subjected to 1.5% surcharge fee.

8.6.    Clients understand that Impeccable Cleaning Services’ credit terms are strictly cash on delivery. Therefore, the client should pay the quoted price in full and in cash after the service is provided.


9.       Late Payments:

9.1.    In the event of late payment, Impeccable Cleaning Services reserves the right to suspend services until outstanding payments are received.

9.2.    Impeccable cleaning services have the right to proceed the debt collection procedure. All service fees involve in the debt recovery procedure will charge back to the clients.

10.   GST (Goods and Services Tax):

10.1. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST unless otherwise specified.
10.2. If GST applies to anything supplied during the service, the additional fee obligated for the client to pay should include Impeccable Cleaning Services’ GST liability.


11.   Dispute Resolution:

11.1. Any disputes arising from invoices or services will be resolved through negotiation and, if necessary, through mediation or legal proceedings in accordance with Australian laws.


12.   Non-Appearance

If a cleaner from Impeccable Cleaning Services fails to show up within 1 hour of the scheduled appointment, resulting in a failure to provide the service, Impeccable Cleaning Services will offer either:

12.1.1.    A full refund of payments made by the client.

12.1.2.    A reschedule of the appointment, subject to the client’s agreement

13.   Complaints and Service Guarantee

13.1. If an Impeccable Cleaning Services cleaner fails to meet the client’s expectations, leading to dissatisfaction with the overall service, the client should notify Impeccable Cleaning Services within 3 days after service completion. Impeccable Cleaning Services aims to provide quality service and will offer a complimentary re-visit to address the issue. If this does not resolve the dissatisfaction, a resolution will be discussed with the client and an offer will be provided.

14.   Limitations and Exclusions


14.1 The validity of the service guarantee is subject to notifying Impeccable Cleaning Services within 3 days after the service provision. Additionally, the following conditions must be met:


14.1.1.    No construction or maintenance work occurred on the premises during or after cleaning services.


14.1.2.    The premises were vacant during the service provision and subsequent days until the complaint submission.


14.1.3.    No damage occurred due to acts of nature, accidents by third parties, property or pet-related incidents during or after the service provision.


14.1.4.    No safety and health hazards or contingent factors noted by Impeccable Cleaning Services that could affect service quality.


14.1.5.    The cleaner was provided with necessary resources for quality work (e.g., water supply, tools, equipment).

14.2. The only conditions and warranties binding Impeccable Cleaning Services regarding the state, quality, or condition of services are those specified and imposed by statute.


14.3.  To the extent permitted by statute, Impeccable Cleaning Services’ liability is limited to revisiting and providing the service. Impeccable Cleaning Services is not responsible for:


14.3.1. Breaching the terms of clause 3, leading to service termination.


14.3.2. Damage due to defective cleaning materials or equipment supplied by the client.


14.3.3. Breaching the terms of clause 4, resulting in service termination.


14.3.4. Loss or damage due to events beyond Impeccable Cleaning Services’ control, such as force majeure.


14.3.5. Existing dirt, stains, damage, or wear that is permanent and irremovable.


14.3.6. Existing discoloration of surfaces or fabric revealed after cleaning.


14.3.7. Expenses for key replacement or locksmith services unless keys were lost by Impeccable Cleaning Services or the cleaner.


14.4. Unless provided in this clause, all warranties and conditions imposed by state law regarding service conditions and quality are excluded.


14.5. Clients understand that the outcome of any service may depend on various factors and that Impeccable Cleaning Services does not guarantee ideal results in every case.


14.6. Impeccable Cleaning Services is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by any person in relation to the services and products provided, unless specified in this clause.


15.   Assurances

The client assures Impeccable Cleaning Services against:

15.1. All losses or liabilities due to the client’s negligence of the terms of clause 3.


15.2. All legal expenses and other costs incurred by Impeccable Cleaning Services due to demands, actions, or proceedings related to the client’s breach of the agreement.


16.   Breakage, Damage, Accidents, and Theft

16.1. The client must inform Impeccable Cleaning Services of any incidents involving breakage, accidents, damage, and theft caused by the cleaner within 24 hours of service completion.


16.2. Damage or loss to specific valuable items, such as cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and items of sentimental value, excludes Impeccable Cleaning Services from liability unless permitted by law.


17.   Insurance

17.1. Impeccable Cleaning Services has Public and Employer’s liability insurance in place, covering damage caused by accidents involving its cleaners. However, the benefits are contingent upon the client submitting a complaint within 24 hours after the incident.


17.2. Insurance does not cover breakdowns or malfunctions of equipment, such as dishwashers, ovens, washing machines, cookers, fridges, extractor fans, freezers, etc. The client must inform Impeccable Cleaning Services or the cleaner about the condition of appliances before service commencement.


18.   Cancellation Processes


18.1. Cancellation notices must be submitted to Impeccable Cleaning Services at least 24 hours before the appointment.


18.2. If the client provides timely notice, Impeccable Cleaning Services will offer the option to reschedule if applicable.

18.3. A $50 cancellation fee applies if notice of cancellation is received less than 24 hours before the scheduled job booking.

18.4. A 50% service charge of the particular booking will be applied if notice of cancellation is received less than 2 hours before the scheduled appointment.


19.    Non-Access to Premises Fee

19.1. If the client fails to provide easy access to the cleaner or Impeccable Cleaning Services, a cancellation fee of 2 hours of work plus GST for administrative and travel costs may be applied.


20.   Termination

20.1. The client may terminate this agreement by providing at least 24 hours’ notice before the appointment time.

20.2. Impeccable Cleaning Services may terminate this agreement by notifying the client 24 hours before the agreed-upon appointment time.


20.3. Impeccable Cleaning Services may terminate this agreement immediately if the client breaches the terms and no remedy is available.


21.   Impeccable Cleaning Services Privacy Policy

21.1. Impeccable Cleaning Services will collect personal information from the client for service execution purposes, and the client agrees to this. Impeccable Cleaning Services commits to protecting and not sharing this information with any third party not directly involved in the cleaning service, unless required by law.


21.2. Client information will be stored securely and can only be accessed by Impeccable Cleaning Services personnel.


22.   Amendments to Terms and Conditions:

22.1. Impeccable Cleaning Services reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions without limitations.